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We have always tried to carry out the activities of the Ministry of Economy in the form of transparent and controllable systems


Third ETF will be offered in the form of shares of three state-owned banks in the future


Introduction to Investment Services Center Ardabil

Akbar Behnam Joo

Head of Investment Services Center

In order to support, facilitate and expedite investment affairs in province, the Provincial Investment Services Center of Ardabil was formed as the focal point for visiting domestic and foreign investors and the coordinating authority with the Organization for Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran as well as the executive agencies that grant investment and the business licenses. According to the regulations of establishing the Investment Services Center in the province, subject to the approval of the Ministerial Council, the Head of the Center is the Governor General and the Vice President of the Center is the Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance. In addition, representatives of the executive agencies of the province dealing with the issuance of investment permits are located at the center and take actions like obtaining the necessary permits and follow up investors' affairs




Alireza Noroozi

Vice president, Investment Services Center

  • Investment Services Center -Organization of Economic Affairs and Finance of Ardabil province
    Experts Administrative Region -Ardabil
  • 33741941 - 33741940 (045)
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  • investinardabil@yahoo.com
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