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Vice president of the Provincial Foreign Investment Services Center of Ardabil Province said :  Foreign investors will receive special investment incentives.”
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Vice president of the Provincial Foreign Investment Services Center of Ardabil Province said : Foreign investors will receive special investment incentives.”

Austrian Ambassador and Consul in Iran had meeting with businessmen and economic activists in Ardabil province.

According to the Public Relations section of Directorate-General of Economic and Financial Affairs of Ardabil province,Dr. Mozaffari, Vice President of the Provincial Foreign Investment Services Center, while welcoming the presence of the Austrian Ambassador and Trade Commissioner in Iran, announced that this province is ready to develop business and investment ties.

“Due to the presence of the center of mineral hot springs in citiesof the province with the ability to treat a variety of diseases in order to teach water therapy and tourism therapy, availability of thermal energy infrastructure, and also the pristine areas of tourism, Geothermal plant in MeshginShahr is one of the areas in the province that can be invested on in field of the tourism. In the event of the presence of Austrian investors in Ardabil province, they will also receive special investment incentives.”

During the meeting, packages and clips related to the fields and investment potential in the province,study plans, and pre-feasibility and prioritized studies in order to identify investment capacities in different regions of the province, all were delivered to the Austrian ambassador and commercial advisor.

The Austrian Ambassador to Iran also considered the proposal of the officials of the province of Ardabilas positive for bilateral cooperation with Austria in the field of investment in the construction of hospital centers;education, and water therapy and said: “Our scientists and specialists have invested extensive efforts to enjoy water therapy properly and cure diseases in such a way that while mineral water exists, we will no longer need hospital centers.”

While referring to the valuable experiences of Austria in the field of renewable energy and the fact that this country is known as having greenindustry and economy, Stephen Schultzreminded: “Austria lacks any fossil resources and its privilege and superiorityis due to creative and skilled human force.”

While pointing out thatAustria is one of the largest countries building hydrotherapy centers; he mentioned: “At present, we are building 6 hospitalsat the level of fifth-generation hospitals in Iran.”

“Austrian investorsare willing to participate in the tourist plans of this province, ifprerequisites be ready.” The Austrian ambassador added.

It worth noting that Ambassador of Austria to Iran, while attending the governorate of Ardabil, had meeting with the Assistant Coordinators of Economic Affairs and Civil and Resource Development of Ardabil Governorate.

Assistant Coordinator for Economic Affairs and Development of the Resources of the Governorate of Ardabil in the meeting said: “In terms of history and tourism, Ardabilis among the top five provinces of the country and it warmly welcomesAustrian private investors to participate in various projects.”

“Ardabil province will enjoy valuable experiences of Austria in the field of tourism, new and renewable energies, and in the field of medicine and water therapy.”  Dr. Hosseinzadeh added.

“There are many fieldsfor cooperation between Austria and Ardabil, for example,in mining, industry, scientific and technological exchanges, and handcrafts.We can use the experiences of Austrian scholarsin designing the geothermal power plant in MeshginShahr in order to complete it as well as the building other centers for the production of clean and renewable energy.” He mentioned.

While inviting Austrian investors to build factories producing tourism equipment in the province, Engineer Nedaei, Undersecretary for Development Affairs of Ardabil Directorate-General added: “we are ready to sign a memorandum of understanding with Austrian Ambassador to Iran in order to build tourist centersespecially in the field of ski lift and Télésiège, teaching physicians in the field of water therapy.”

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