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The head of investment services center of Ardabil province: The main roads of Ardabil province will be four-lane until 2024

With the efforts and follow-up of roads and urban development of the province, good contractors have been selected in different routes and with full equipment in the warm-bileh savar, Ardabil-Sarcheim, Nir-Sarab, Kolvar-Drum, Ardabil-Astara and Garmi-Parsabad tunnels, good activities have begun and with the credit row up to 1404 most of the main roads of the province will be four-bandar.

He said that a good leap has been made in the development of roads in Ardabil province, and  Development of transportation roads in the province as the most important infrastructure of the region is one of the important priorities of the province's development planning, which will pave the way for economic development in the region.

The head of the province's investment service center said: in Ardabil, Meshkinshahr route, which was inaugurated 25 km during the president's visit to the province, and 18 km, if the weather is favorable, will be completed by the end of this year and half of the 2021.

Behnamjoo pointed out that during the last two years, the province's highways have been increased by 30 years, and specified: "This year, the province's construction and road construction credit has tripled compared to last year, and more projects and plans are underway." It is an implementation that absorbs the necessary credit with the completion of the study and the start of the executive operation.

He added: Simultaneously with the implementation of the Meshginshahr road project, several large workshops of the province's road construction projects are active and are rapidly constructing four-lane roads in the province.

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