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Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance of Ardabil Province:Some ways of attracting investment from a fundamental basis need to change

Ardabil province in transportation, foreign trade, tourism, agricultural sub-sectors such as horticulture, beekeeping and conversion industries, industrial towns and special economic zone of Mining, is one of the most investment-prone provinces in the country, and therefore some methods in attracting investment from the basis need to change

According to the Public Relations Office of the General Directorate of Economic Affairs and Finance of Ardabil Province, this article was stated by Alireza Norouzi, adding that some barriers to investment at the national level, such as sanctions that make money exchange difficult and undoubtedly when the investor sees sanctions and obstacles, tend to other countries and other regions.

The vice president of investment services center of the province added: Of course, in the country, foreign incentives for attracting investment, residency and immigration incentives, tax incentives, import and export permits are anticipated and also the risk is guaranteed that this has been paid attention in less countries.

He emphasized that some provinces have already defined their attractions and have provided a background for attracting capital, for example in Gilan, the existence of Bandar Anzali Free Zone is attracting investors due to their tax and customs exemptions.

 The vice president of investment services center of the province stated: If Ardabil Free Zone is activated, along with Aras and Anzali free zones can form an investment hub and considering that these areas can support each other's production and supply chain, fundraising will be accelerated.

Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance of the province said: It is necessary to make a difference between economic capacity and investment opportunity and to justify the investor in introducing economic capacity.

Norouzi stated: From the basis of defining investment opportunities with a stereotyped view, it is not logical and that the investor creates opportunities from his capacity is related to his intelligence, skill and risk-taking.

He continued: The responsibility of the authorities is merely to reflect the capabilities and capacities of the province, and in fact, by introducing and presenting the capacities, investment opportunities are identified and selected by the investor himself.

The vice president of the provincial investment services center described the performance of the provincial investment services center and said that before attracting investors, it should be focused on improving the business environment.

Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance stated: The business environment includes any factor outside the will and control of managers of production units and economic activists and returns to the factors affecting production including laws and regulations, necessary permits, tax laws, property rights, judicial security, infrastructure and banking facilities.

Norouzi emphasized that in advancing these regulations and laws, sometimes indigenous and non-expert enforcement procedures can be observed, adding that improving the business environment is preceded by the activities of the Investment Services Center

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