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Goals and tasks

Objectives and duties of the services center

Objectives and duties of the services center:

Introduction to Ardabil Investment Services Center

Main mission

- Facilitating and accelerating the process of private sector investment (domestic and foreign investors) in the province

- Supporting and promoting the idea of investing and promoting the environment of investment


- Identifying and introducing the investment opportunities of the province to domestic and foreign investors

- Providing and presenting essential information to investors

- Guiding, counseling, coordination and continuous follow up of executive affairs of foreign and domestic investors


- Monitoring the proper implementation of Article 7 of the Law on the Modification of Materials of the Law of the Fourth Plan of Economic, Social, and Cultural Development of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the implementation of the policies of Article 44 (44) of the Constitution by the departments referred to in this Article.

- Informing and providing advice to foreign investors.

- Carrying out the necessary coordination in matters related to visa issuance, tenancy and issuance of work related to foreign investment.

- Performing necessary coordination in matters relating to foreign investments after issuance of investment licenses, including registration of a joint venture, registration of orders and affairs related to the entry and exit of capital, customs and tax matters, etc.

- Performing the necessary coordination between the representatives of the units between the executive departments of their related organizations in connection with foreign investment requests.

- Caring for good decisions on foreign investment.

- Identifying and Recognizing the Benefits of Provincial Investment

- Identifying and recognizing the province's investment opportunities

- Recognition of support services and facilities and special incentives for the executives

- Identifying and defining the investment projects

- Preparation and compilation of information on investment projects in order to present to investors

- Identifying the investors and suppliers of domestic and foreign financial resources and communicate with them

- Culture making (explanation of the position of production and investors in the economy and the employment of the society)

- Introducing the Investment projects and advantages

- Creating and strengthening of investment cores in executive and related executive agencies in different cities of the province


- Culture making to explain the position of production and investment

- Identifying the advantages, areas, opportunities and investment projects

- Creating a special investment notification system

- Identifying and communicating with domestic and foreign investors

- Formation of investment attraction cores in the provincial cities

- Determining the investment calendars in each associated organizations and executives


- Head of the Center (Governor General)

- Vice president of the Center (Head of Economic Affairs and Finance)

- Senior experts in the Service Center, Agriculture, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Commerce, Industries and Mines

- Office secretary



- Holding an investment workshop for investment experts and investment managers of executive and provincial governorates

- Connecting with domestic and foreign investors and financiers

- Creating a special investment notification system

- Formation of investment cores in governorates of the province

- Determination of Investment Capacity in Provincial Executive Agencies

The most important duties and services offered at the Provincial Investment Center:

- Providing information and advice to investors in relation to accepting and protecting foreign investment

- coordinating and supporting necessary aids in obtaining the required licenses for investors, including licensing, environmental protection permits, licenses for facilities such as water, electricity, gas and telephone, licenses for exploration and extraction of mines, etc. before issuing foreign investment licenses

- Carrying out the necessary coordination and follow-up with the executive units of the departments associated with foreign investment requests

- Reception of investment applicants in the province and the pursuit of affairs related to investments through relevant executive agencies, receiving foreign investors' requests with other required documents and in coordinating with the investment organization to issue foreign investment licenses.

- Performing the necessary coordination in matters related to foreign investments in the stages following the issuance of foreign investment licenses, including registration of joint ventures, registration of orders for the entry of machinery and equipment, affairs relating to the entry and exit of capital, customs and tax matters, and so on.

- investigating the actions after issuing foreign investment licenses, including administrative issues and foreign capital inflows

- Following the administrative problems of investment applicants with other departments

- Establishing coordination between departments to resolve investment barriers and using the support of the governor (president of the investment service center) to resolve existing problems.

- Identification and collection of provincial investment opportunities

- Introduction of the province and its economic capabilities through the use of advertising and information tools

- Supporting and promoting investment thoughts and ideas, culture making, and promoting the investment situation among different strata of society in order to explain the importance and place of investment






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