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The governor of Ardabil said

The governor of Ardabil said

Preparations are being made for the expansion of Ardabil's economic ties with Azerbaijan

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The governor of Ardabil said: the trade and economic relations of Ardabil and Azerbaijan will be expanded by providing the necessary preparations, including following up the implementation of the Parsabad railway dock and reforming the preferential export tariffs

According to the Public Relations Department of the General Department of Economic Affairs and Finance of Ardabil Province, quoting the information base of Ardabil Governorate, Dr. Seyed Hamed Ameli stated on the sidelines of a meeting with Seyed Abbas Mousavi, Iran's Ambassador to Azerbaijan: At the recent Baku summit, which was attended by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, issues such as connecting the Parsabad railway and resolving preferential tariffs were discussed

He continued: "By solving the problems and making preparations for the implementation of these measures, trade and economic relations between Azerbaijan and Ardabil will be developed

The governor of Ardabil stated: considering the existence of Moghan agro-industry capacity as one of the agricultural hubs of the country in Parsabad, cooperation in the field of agriculture in this regard also leads to the expansion of economic interactions

Dr. Ameli said: "Considering the proposal of Azerbaijan to lease agricultural lands to Iran for cultivation of crops, using the cultivation capacity and industry of Moghan is important in this regard

He announced the holding of a meeting to review the axes of cooperation between the two countries and use the capacities of Ardabil province in this regard in Tehran and expressed hope that in the next meeting in the Republic of Azerbaijan we will see good results from expanding cooperation and creating Parsabad railway dock

The Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan also mentioned the border capacities of Ardabil province, including Bilesvar customs, and emphasized the importance of the national view of the province in its interaction with Azerbaijan

Seyed Abbas Mousavi added: "We hope to see a jump in production and exports in Ardabil province by creating a railway dock and using agricultural capacity


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