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Foreign investment incentives in Iran

Advantages and capabilities of investment in In dustry , Mine and Business Sectors in the Province

►There are large industrial complexes such as Ardebil cement , tire , and chipboard , matches , potato products , diary products casting industries , textile , cubic sugar ,machine manufacturing and so on. factories play an important role with high investment capabilities that can develop small industries on lower levels.

►Having a suitable opportunity in terms of proximity to Azerbaijan on transit and trade on the north and the possibility of exchanging electricity with neighboring countries.

►Owenership of oil resources in Moghan.

►Having renewable energy resources.

►The existence of transferable lands and  industrial estates for establishing industrial units.

►Proximity of most industrial estates to main roads and city centers.

►The formation of special economic zone and free trade zone approval.

►The existence of Mineralization talent , diversity of specific geologic Phenomena and Zanjan’s Locating on global copper zoneTarom , Garadagh , Sablan , Gooshe mountains , Sungun and its similarity to Zanjan , Sungun and Ahar areas , suggests that Ardebil province has actual potentials in various sectors in the field of consuming materials and studies representing the diversity of geological phenomena in the range of Ardebil province which can be achived by investing in systematic exploration of suitable mineral obtaining particularly in strategic metals such as gold , copper , zinc , lead and molybdenum and so on.

Advantages and capabilities of investment in the tourism sector in the province

► Shorabil lake in the center of Ardabil city as a suitable place for people recreation and suitable for investment in tourism attraction.

►Meshginshahr suspension bridge as the Middle East longest suspension bridge with365 meter length.

►City lake and forty steps waterfall in pars Abad ,planted fruit orchards of kesht-sanaat Moghan ,shasavan tribal winter quarters, water filled Qarasu river , and Aras boundary river.

► Alvars  ski  field: in 24km sarein and to altitude 3200 meters above sea level.

► Lake of Neor at 48km southeast Ardebil toward khalkhal in Baghro mountainous valleys , is one of the most beautiful and most spectacular lakes of Iran.

►Springs and natural mineral waters as the spontaneous in the nature. Due to the Variety of these springs Ardebil province also has known as heaven land. With a beautiful, distinctive and word-class facilities available to the public, specially foreign tourists in the world.

►Fandoghloo tourist and forest area and Heiran telecabin in 30 KM of Ardebil city and 10 KM of the south of Namin city .This area because of owning unique forest-pasture attraction has in his heart beautiful Heiran winding road with various attractions , placed unique spectacular to the users of the telecabin.

►Funding required infrastructure (water, electricity, gas) to the site of project (entrance of tourism areas)

►Providing banking finance after 20 percent of cost and physical progress of the project by investor, supply 80 percent of the total cost of the project by the banks and financial institutions will be contracted with the Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization.

Advantages and capabilities of investment on Agricultural sector in province

►Existence of good agriculture land in the province specially in three fertile plains of Ardebil , Meshginshar and Moghan.

►Annual production of about 3.9 million tons of different agricultural products.

► Having a suitable climate for growing and harvesting and planting of various crops in a crop year.

► Moghan and Pars agro - industrial and animal husbandry companies and distribution centers and development of mechanized agriculture.

► supply water to agricultural lands through dams of Sabalan,Khodafarin,Emarat,Kivi and yamchi.

 ►There are more talented workforce and specially educated youths in related courses with agriculture.

►The possibility  of easy and Plentiful access on agricultural products as raw material for processing industries.

►The existence of research stations and agricultural schools and agricultural colleges and faculties.

►Fandogloo forests (4700 hectares) as unique forests in the country.

► The rich resources of forest , pasture and varied Vegetation for the development of forestry activities, animal husbandry and beekeeping.

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