Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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The Minister of Economy, while attending the Program, Budget and Accounts Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said

We intend to see an increase in government revenues through the generation of assets by obtaining permits from the Cabinet in the coming months

Referring to the special conditions of the 1400 budget, he said: "In this regard, appropriate solutions should be considered and implemented so that the overflow of problems does not affect the country's monetary indicators and inflation rate"

Dr. Khandouzi, pointing out that in the same short period of his presence in the Ministry of Economy, the most regular meetings have been related to the government financing working group, added: "Currently, the major share of financing in the country's economy is in the Ministry of Economy." I hope that in the next meeting that I will attend, the effects of the decisions will be such that we will present a performance report

The Minister of Economy added that efforts should be made to disrupt the flow of liquidity and to control the volume of liquidity flood in next year's budget

He considered one of the most important issues in the relationship between the government and the Islamic Consultative Assembly to be the issue of the 1401 budget bill and said: , So that we do not expect to increase government spending in the 1401 budget by increasing headline inflation

Regarding tax collection methods, Dr. Khandouzi also said: "Methods should be used in collecting tax revenues that target high-income groups and do not put pressure on the production sector and the lower middle class"


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