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Ardabil Governor

Upgrading the infrastructure will benefit the capacities and create new investment opportunities


The head of the province's investment service center considered the improvement of the province's infrastructure, including the highway, railway and airport, to be important in using the existing capacities and creating new opportunities for investment and economic prosperity, and announced the efforts in this field.

According to the public relations report of the General Directorate of Economic Affairs and Finance of Ardabil Province, quoted from the website of Ardabil Governorate, Seyyed Hamid Ameli said in a meeting with the board members of the Islamic Society of Ardabil Guilds: The progress of Ardabil province and the use of existing capacities and the creation of new investment opportunities require the improvement and strengthening of infrastructure, including highways, railways, airports, and energy, and the province has been facing problems in this regard since the past

He added: In the field of highways, by attracting resources and implementing the north-south highway of Ardabil province, efforts are being made to reach the national index of the province's highway and connect the province to the center of the country through the highway

The governor of Ardabil continued: The completion of the railway has an important economic aspect and it is important in the economic progress of Ardabil province in terms of facilitating and reducing transportation costs and creates new investment opportunities

Ameli stated: The process of completing the Ardabil-Mianeh railway has been accelerated since last year with the provision of the necessary credit from the President's travel and Refah and Sepeh banks, and In 50 km of the bottleneck route of this project, which did not make much progress until last year, important measures have been taken in the field of tunnels and bridges

He stated: Currently, nearly 130 kilometers of the Ardabil-Mianeh railway track has been laid, and efforts are being made to accelerate the completion of this project by providing the necessary funds for the implementation of the infrastructure and pavement in the second half of the year

The governor of Ardabil said: The continuation of the Ardabil railway and its connection to the Republic of Azerbaijan through the Parsabad route can be strategically effective and important for the entire country, and in this field, all elites and officials should help to realize it

Ameli stated: The role of air communication in the development of Ardabil province is also important, and in this regard, measures are being taken to improve flight conditions and create a special airline for the province

He stated: Capable human resources play an important role in the development of any region and paying attention to the quantitative and qualitative improvement of education and educational infrastructure in Ardabil province is one of the measures that are included in the developmental plans of the government in the province.

The Governor of Ardabil stated: Paying attention to the field of education is one of the necessities, because if the education is not appropriate, after completing the education, the person will have problems in solving his problems and the society will also suffer

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