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Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance of Ardabil Province in an interview with IRIB news agency

The information of the executive bodies of the province has been loaded in the province's investment atlas system.

The Director General of Economic Affairs and the Vice President of the Investment Services Center of Ardabil province, in a conversation with IRIB news agency, stating that Ardabil is one of the leading provinces in launching the investment atlas system, announced the uploading of the information of the executive bodies of the province in this system and said: The investment atlas system of Ardabil province is in the stage of obtaining approval for connecting to the national mapping system

According to the public relations report of the General Directorate of Economic Affairs and Finance of Ardabil province, Yasoub Nejad Mohammad added: Considering the requirements and necessities of domestic and foreign investment, which in addition to facilitating and speeding up the investment process by analyzing the available information and the explained goals, the investment atlas will be of great help in intelligently guiding the investors and choosing the best geographical location for the implementation of the project, and is currently being used experimentally

He clarified: The measures related to the launch of the investment atlas system of Ardabil province in cooperation with a knowledge-based company have been started since last year

The vice president of the provincial investment service center continued: The investment atlas system will have the ability to display the location and distribution of investment opportunities in the province based on the information recorded by the executive body and the ability to display other locational information of the province along with investment opportunities (satellite images, areas, infrastructure layers, etc.)

Nejad Mohammad said: This system allows to see the complete details of the plan in the investment atlas section compared to the infrastructure and advanced search for investment opportunities based on different fields (country divisions, custodian, investment sector, required investment amount, etc.)

The representative of the Minister and Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance stated: Separation of investment opportunities based on different organizations on the map, the separation of investment opportunities based on type (agriculture, industry, tourism, etc.) and the smart map of checking prohibited areas (environment, etc.) will be among the other capabilities of the investment atlas system of Ardabil province

He said: In this system, provincial information such as investment opportunities, road boundaries, coordinates of bridges, specifying cities as points, limits and boundaries of cities, specifying protected areas, prohibited hunting areas, maps of aqueducts, coordinates of drinking water springs and wells, Agriculture, service water and industrial water, coordinates of dams, coordinates of settlements below and above 20 households separately, specifying country divisions, national lands, towns and industrial areas, coordinates of mines, prohibitions of power transmission lines, coordinates of units related to agricultural jihad plans, the coordinates of industrial projects outside industrial towns and information about tourism projects are being loaded

Vice President of Ardabil Province Investment Services Center emphasized: By using this system, we will witness the best technical and economic conditions for the implementation of the desired plan and the highest efficiency for the macro development goals of the country and the province. In order to take advantage of it, this General Administration held numerous expert meetings and concluded a contract with a specialized company in this field and in less than 8 months, by collecting the statistics and data required for this system from related organizations, and regarding the launch of this investor software and application, which has been completed for the first time in the country and is in the operation phase, it took an important step in the direction of supporting investors

In the end, Nejad Mohammad pointed out: Among the features of this system are maximum removal of necessary inquiries and permits in the process of setting up investment projects, choosing the most suitable place for implementing projects, preventing investment applicants from getting confused and suffering, identifying susceptible areas and improving the level of monitoring and control over economic mechanisms, Showing the location and distribution of opportunities for investors in the province, a smart map for checking prohibited areas, etc

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