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Questions and answers related to foreign investment

General Information

1-Is foreign investment in Iran permitted?

Foreign investment is Islamic Republic of Iran, on the bases of current laws is permitted. Every foreign investor , can invest in order to development and prosperity and production activities in any field such as industrial mine , agriculture and services only those investment would be supported by the investment promotion law that have got permission from the authorities of I.R. of Iran .

2-What is the target of accepting foreign investment?

The target  of acceptance of foreign investment is economical progress and development, increasing of job opportunities, gains and develop technology and management skill and increasing the quality of productions and increasing the power of exporting of the country.

3-On which legal and agreement frame work, foreign investment can be done?

Foreign investment can be done in all legal partnership (as direct investment) or agreement regulations. We mean by agreement regulations different methods of financial support, which can be done on the frame work of civil partnership buy back and different methods of construction, usage and transfer   

4-What are the specifications of supervision of ways of foreign investment?

A) Legal partnership (direct investment)

We mean by partnership, share investment of foreign investor on an Iranian company either existed or being establish. The amount of share of foreign investor in Iranian company has no limitation and foreign investor equal to his/her investment has role on management and run of the company.

B) Agreement specifications

Foreign investor on the framework of agreement specifications such as civil  methods , buy back , construction , utilities and sell , can be applied , return of capital and its interest on this kind of investment are gained through economical function of the plan and investment , no guaranteed by banks or companies or government .

5- Direct foreign investment is allowed in which sectors?

Foreign investment is allowed in all sectors, which private sector can work on them.

6- Foreign investment on framework of agreement specifications is allowed on which sectors?

Foreign investment is allowed in all economical sectors except for the sectors which is done by government, foreign investment can be done only on framework of agreement specifications which are subjected on row B of Article 3 of foreign investment.

7- What king of legal system is going to be applied in foreign investment (FI)?

On the bases of Iran’s trade law, 7 kinds of companies and legal entities can be established which among them stock company on which the capital is divided in shares, is more common, and the most acceptable legal formation. (For more information about how to establish a share Hold Company in Iran goes to the publication of investment organization).

8- For investing in Iran should we have a local counterpart?

Having a local counterpart is not a must , but because local counterpart is familiar with the labor condition , regulations and labor relations using local facilities , which can be prepared by local people , so they prefer to have a local counterpart .

9- What is the permitted amount of investment in Iran?

 There is no limitation for FI in Iran.

10- What are the proportions of %35 and %25 mentioned on the raw D of Article 2 of FI law?

Those proportions has nothing to do with the percent of FI and as it is said in question no.9 there is no limitation on the percent of foreign share holding on Iranian companies. Mentioned proportions are applied on the value of goods and services which are produced by FI in all the country that on every sector the minister of the economical sector will calculate on the time of issuing FI permission.

11- Is investing on the oil and gas on the higher level permitted?

Direct FI on the high level of oil and gas no, but

FI on the frame work of specifications of regulations is possible.

12- Is it possible to use foreign trade names on the FI in Iran?

Using names and trade names on all the fields is permitted.

13- Is it possible to invest on the companies which are accepted on the bourse?

The is no restriction on the FI on the companies which are accepted on bourse , and foreign investors which are interested to buy the shares of these companies are suggested before buying these share to get the positive idea of investment organization to be covered by the FI law .

14- What do we mean by special trade zone and how many of them exist in the country?

Special trade zones are surrounded customs area on which import and export of goods machineries and equipments to these areas are away from the customs law. There are 22 of them in the country.


 15-Is there a difference among free trade zone and economical areas and main land?

Investment in free trade zone has special rules. We mean by free trade zone the areas that are known by this name and now we have 7 areas, Kish, Geshm, Chabahar, Anzali,Alvand,Aras,and Makoo. The areas which are called, special economical areas, are a part at main land, and investing on them is like investing on the main land. On the present time regarding the coverage of the law of foreign investment on I.R Iran , the FI which takes place on free trade and industrial areas of I.R Iran can enjoy the benefits at the law , if they have got the permission for investment.

16-what is the difference between Iranian and foreign companies regarding Iranian rules?

 “Iranian company” is a company which is established and registered on the bases at the trade law of Iran,

even if all the shares at this company belong to a foreigner.

“Foreigner company” is a company which its brunch or agent is registered in Iran, but the main company is out of Iran.

17- Is it possible to establish a branch or an agent of foreign company in Iran?

Yes, any foreign company for marketing , expanding trade affairs and doing their agreement commitment can register a branch or an agent of the main company in Iran , for establishing a branch or agent in Iran there are special regulations , and the applicants should directly refer to the general office of company registration and industrial possession. 

18- is opening an agent or a branch of a company considered FI?

No , Establishing an agent or a branch is no considered as FI , and any kind of investment should be by establishing an Iranian company or sharing on an existing Iranian company an direct FI or an the framework of specifications of agreement(for more information refer to questions no.3 and 4)

19-what specification do industrial towns have and what facilities are offered there?

Industrial towns are places which are established by the industrial towns of Iran co, which is affiliated to the ministry of industry and mine in all over the country and on the industrial zones as pre-planned towns and are ready to use by investors. Even in some of them the factories and industrial workshops are prefabricated and ready to give to the applicant. Important point on these towns is access to the services and networks of infrastructures such as water electricity telephone and gas also transportation systems.

6-2-2- promotion and protection of foreign investment law (PPFIL)

20-what is the law applied to the foreign investment in Iran?

The law applied to the foreign investment in Iran is “PPFIL” approved on 1381 (2002) which on this text we would call it foreign investment law [FIL] the realm which this law covers is all the land of  I.R. Iran and all the foreign investment can invest on the bases of this law in the country.

21-what is the role of (PPFIL) on FI on free trade zone?

Although FI in free trade and industrial zones obey the regulations on investment in free areas but this is possible for foreign investors, to invest in free area and enjoy the facilities of the law.

22what does” protection” mean on FIL?

We mean by protection enjoying special facilities which on the bases of FIL is prepared for the investor. In other world those investment which are down through different ways rather than the law will not enjoy those facilities.

23-what are these rights and facilities?

The most brilliant rights which belong to the foreign investor are as follows:

-The right to transfer the interest and capital and its earnings in foreign exchange.

-The right to get loss which is resulted from taking away the possession and becoming foreign capital, as national.

-Getting loss resulted from approving laws which will shop project and agreement of foreign investor .

-Enjoying the equal condition with the domestic investors.

24-are there other facilities for foreign investors?

Yes other facilities written on the PPFIL and its regulations are said are as follows:

-Transferring the gained money from investment and technology transfer.

-Transferring the capital and the interest gained from it.

-The possibility of referring disputes to international courts .

-Using foreign experts on the investment related affairs.

-Exporting without commitment to bring back the gained interest.

-Keeping the foreign exchange [which is resulted from export] out of the country.

-Not commitment to obeying the rules about pricing, distribution, and other domestic rules.

25-on investment permission what issues are subjected?

On investment, Iranian and foreign, the counterparts kind of the method of investment, percentage of the share and the amount of F I, the way to convey the interest and other conditions about investment are explained.

26-who can invest in Iran?

All the legal and real entities or companies, institutes international organizations and also real and legal entities from Iran which their capital originated from foreign countries can invest and enjoy it benefits on the bases of PPFIL

27-is it possible to cover Iranian investment with FIL?

The bases of PPFIL and enjoy its facilities on the bases of PPFIL and enjoy its facilities but the origin of their capita should be foreign and beside it he/she should give documents that show their economical activities in out of Iran

28-does permission for investment has a limited valid time?

Yes , and if on the given the foreign investor did not bring a parts of foreign capital to Iran , his permission for investment will be omitted , it is necessary to say that for each project the group of expert have allocated a time to do it .

29-How we can extend the license of investment

Foreign investor before finishing the time of validity of the permission , by giving acceptable reasons will apply to extend the permission , the board of investment with study the request of extending and in case of accepting with give an extra time to the investor.

30-Do foreign governmental companies can invest in Iran on the bases of PPFIL?

Foreign governmental companies can invest in Iran on the bases of PPFIL.

31-What are the FI fields in Iran?

FI fields in Iran are really various and all fields of production such as , industry , mine  , agriculture services and all activities which end to production and constructive activities .

32-Doing just trade activity can be considered FI?

Doing just trade activity can be considered as FI , but doing it along side with production which complete production trend on the approved projects is possible.


33-Is FI on services will be supported?

FI on services sector can be supported and will enjoy the benefits of this law.

34-Does government support will cover the FI automatically?

For enjoying FI law, the investment should have permission on the bases of this law.

35-Proviously invested projects and is not supported how and when can be supported by the FI law?

Previously invested projects if got the permission and had new value added can be covered by FIL.

36-Is it possible to have FI on the existing projects?

Regarding the FIL there is no difference between existing projects investment and a new project. and all the foreign investors can invest on new or existing projects but on the existing corporations in order to benefit from the advantages of FI it is necessary to get permission and this investment should add new value added , and can end to increase on investment and enhance management , expand export and increase of technology , on the same corporation .

37-How FI is acceptable on economical corporations?

Regarding the acceptance regulations, these types of investment after getting permission, if added a new value can be covered by the law and enjoy its benefits.

38-If a foreign investor decided to invest on an existing company and buy its share, what are the ways to increase investment?

Foreign investor can besides buying share, through registering new share or use the right of other share holder’s stat to take part on increasing the capital of company.

39-Agreements for construction. Utilize and selling (BOT) on which framework falls?

The suggested structure for agreements BOT and others (like BOOT and BOO and  ...) can be done through registering a branch of FI in Iran and by establishing an Iranian (Project Company).

40-What do we mean by possessive right?

We mean by possessive right, the right which is gained by possession of assets which is gained by agreement which is recognized on the FI, which is extended to the possession, utilize and exploitation.

41-What do we mean by possessive right on BOT projects?

Possessive right is the possession which is gained by agreement and could be transferred to the Iranian counterparts.



42-Is it possible to have a bank account in out of Iran to have the income gained from legal export?

Opening an account in out of Iran to keep the income gained from foreign investment and its export is legal and it means the access of foreign investor to exchange gained from export, and for getting the interest of the share and other payments.

43-If there is a must for returning the foreign exchange from export to common companies and investment units?

No, all in all there is no commitment to return the capital gained from export, and it is up to the investor to use it in any case he wants

44- Can investor insure his capital? What kind of insurance?

Foreign investor can insure capital for non-trade dangers [political] with the insurance companies of the country. If because of the agreement of insurance investor got some money, the insuring institute as the vice president of the investor asks for loss which is related to the investor.


45- Disputes between the Iranian and foreign investors and government and foreign investor, where should be solved? How to solve these kinds of problems?

Related to the agreement between the investors, and is considered as the internal agreement. But if the dispute is between the Iran’s government and the foreign investor, referring the dispute to foreign and international courts is on the bases of agreement between Iran’s government and the government of F. investor.

6.2.3) Admission Regime

46- The trustee of acceptance and support from FI in I.R. Iran is up to which organization?

The investment organization and economical and technical helps is the only central , governmental institute , which on the bases of law is responsible for it . The permission for foreign investment is issued by the organization.

47-Is getting permission necessary for all the FI?

Yes, it is necessary to get permission for all the foreign investment, the license for these kinds of investment are issued by the signature of the minister of economical affairs and finance, i.e. any FI needs separate permission.



48-What is the process of issuance to FI? Which documents are necessary?

 Process of issuance of license is very simple and short .Request of F. investor will go to the organization and in 15 days will be reported to the board of FI. And  after that the permission will be issued the needed documents would be a form of application, and other documents which are mentioned on the form.

50-what services are offered by the investment organization to the FI?

The organization offers consultancy in all the related fields, and for this F. investor will have contact with the FI service center organization and this will save time and energy for the F. investors.

51-What does investment service center mean?

Investment service center is a center for F. investors which are located on the organization, on this organization there are representatives from different offices and to help and answers to the follow ups down by the investors, and because investors will refer only to 1 organization then they will save time and energy.

52-Does organization offers other helps, rather than consultancy?

The organization besides offering consultancy services offers the followings too:

-present all the rules and regulations about foreign investment

-introducing the opportunities for FI

-cooperation with different organizations for getting their inquiries for investment

-finding suitable counterparts including domestic of foreign

-doing current affair and trying to solve disputes of investors

-planning visiting and holding meetings with different organizations

6.2.4) Foreign Investment FI

52-What are the types of FI?

For FI there are different types and besides including cash investment contains

Non-cash such as machineries, equipments, parts, raw material, technical knowledge, and special services are also contained (for more information see article 2 of executive regulations of PPFIL)

53-Are all types of foreign exchange accepted for FI?

Only  those foreign exchanges which are accepted by central bank of I.R. Iran as an acceptable exchange.

54-How cash capital enters to the country?

It should enter through bank system or any formal system which is accepted by central bank of Iran naturally the exchange should be accepted by central bank of I.R. of Iran.

55-Should the entering money changed to Rial ?

That part of the cash capital which should be changed to Rial will be calculated on the bases of the day rate of foreign exchange, and will transfer to the account of the company.


56-Is it possible no to change the entering exchange to Rial and keep it to use on some foreign orders?

The foreign cash which can be changed to Rial , can be kept as the foreign exchange and not changed to Rial , for spending of foreign orders . keeping the foreign exchange without changing to Rial will protect the capital from the fluctuation of exchange rate , and gives the fortune to him/her to use it whenever it is necessary .

57-Exchange of arrived foreign exchanges will be done with which rate?

The rate for calculation is the formal rate on the formal money network of the country or with the free rate of the day on the bases of recognition of the central bank of I.R. of Iran.

58-Is it possible to evaluate FI for the time of investment?

Yes for the time of FI either it is cash or non-cash it is necessary to survey the time of FI, about the cash and non-cash capital the rate of national bank is considered on the day of entrance.

59-The entrance of machinery, equipment, parts and raw material (non-cash Capital) what formalities are necessary?

The entrance of non-cash capital for FI do not need the formalities necessary for the import of trade goods , and on the bases of investment organization suggestion would be offered on a list and would be registered on the commerce organization and then directly imported to the country .

60- Does it mean that the import of non-cash capital does not need to have permission for not making, allocating foreign exchange and opening LC?

Yes, it is not necessary to have permission for not making or allocating foreign exchange or opening LC .

61-For importing technical knowledge which regulations should be obeyed?

As it is said on answering and 60 technical knowledge and especial services are other types of foreign capital and should be evaluated and then registered as foreign exchange but before importing technical knowledge it is necessary to check with the related ministry.

62-Is it legal to pay for license right or royalty to the foreign investors?

For sure technical knowledge is not considered as FI then the related amount or royalty approved, should be paid to the offered of the technical knowledge.

63-What is the norm to pay the license right or royalty to the foreign counter part?

In any payment method the value of imported goody should be considered a calculating license right or royalty , and the total amount after deducting the value of imported good should be paid to the license holder , in other words on the bases of current rules , paying license right or royalty would be calculated on the bases of domestic value added .

64-Is it possible to register an invention or trade mark in Iran?

Industrial and ritual ownership such as registering an invention and trademarks and trade names on the bases of the law of inventions and marks registrations are parts of legal supports.

65-Is it necessary to give the list of non-cash capital before importing them?

Yes, foreign investor before importing should give the in detail the non-cash capital containing technical specifications, the name of producer, the year of production and price along side with their booklets to the investment organization, and after the list approved then the non-cash capital can be imported in one or more parts without any formality for importing.

66-Does importing technical knowledge need to be surveyor previously?

Any kind of special services price , which enters to Iran either as capital or will have payment for it on future , should be given to the investment organization along side with the related text of agreement ( if it exists ) and investment application . The investment organization with the cooperation of related ministry about the necessity of getting technical knowledge and its value will do necessary consultations.

6.2.5) Foreign Exchange Transfer FET


67-What do we mean by foreign exchange transfer?

FET means transferring all amounts including the entire amount gained from FI or other amount which transferring them would be as F. exchange, these transferring will take part in 2 layers:

-transferring capital including the interest of share of interest of capital, transferring the capital itself or its incomes , transferring amounts for compensating

The  loss which happened because of omission of possession right or confiscation foreign capital.

-other transferring including those which are gained from agreement an invention , technical knowledge technical and engineering helps , trademarks and names and a like agreements .

68-Is there a restriction for transferring money?

No, there is no limitation legally every year transferring the amount of money.

69-How the foreign exchange for transferring is supplied?

Supply foreign exchange for transferring for investment will be through the bank system and in some cases from the exchange which is gained from export or offering investment services; in any case supplying foreign exchange is mentioned on the investment license.

70-which formalities are necessary for transferring foreign exchange for FI?

Basically, any kind of transferring foreign exchange including transferring capital and so on will happen by formal request of foreign investor or common company and invest accepting company from behalf of foreign investor, and all the transferring will be pay able after deducting legal deductions, to the foreign investor.

71-If on the bases of special regulations, or government decision the invested projects product could not get

Permission  for export, then how the exchange for transferring capital and its interest will be supplied?

On exceptional cases if the product could not get permission for export, the foreign investor can offer it to sell in domestic market and with the gained many can buy exchange to transfer that is clear that investor can export other permitted goods.


6.2.6) Tax and Customs affairs

72-What is the rate of tax for legal entities in Iran?

The rate of tax for companies in Iran is 25percent (25%) of their income. which would be calculated in tax (Article 105 of the law for direct taxes).

73-Is the rate of tax for Iranian and foreign companies the same?

The rate of for both of them are the same (For branches and agents) 25 percent (25%) which would be applied equally (for differences between Iranian and foreign companies refer to question no 16 ) article 105 of the law and its note .

74-The agents and branches which only do the marketing for the main company also are included in direct tax law ?

No, the agents and branches of foreign companies which do marketing and gather information for main companies and for their expenses get salary from them are not included in tax law (Note 2 article 107 of the law of direct tax).

75-How the tax calculated for shipping institutes and air lines?

The tax for shipping institutes and air lines is on the bases of the fares they get from carrying passengers and goods and 5 percent ( 5% ) of total amount will be calculated as tax either that money is in or out of Iran or on the way ( Article 113 of Iranian tax law ) .

76-Do in comes from agreements for technology transfer , such as technical knowledge engineering and technical services , payments for license right and royalty , will be contained an tax law ?

Yes incomes gain from transferring rights related to such kinds of agreements which are considered as the income of foreign entities about 20 percent (20%)

To 40 percent (40%) of their yearly incomes will be included in 25 percent (25%)Tax (Note 2 article 105 row B articles 107 of tax law)


77-How we get tax from contracting agreements?

Incomes gained from contracts of foreigners in Iran for construction operations, technical installations and preparing the needed goods or transportation preparing building plans, mapping, topography, supervision, technical calculations and offering trainings and technical helps, transferring technical knowledge and offer services in all cases will be calculated 12 percent of the yearly income ( Row A ,Article 107 ) in contract operations which contractor is ministry or institution and governmental companies or municipalities that part of the amount of agreement , which is used for buying tools and equipments will not be included on tax if those are listed separately from other items of the agreement . (Note 2 Article 107 of tax law)

79 – How the tax will be calculated on the projects which are constructed utilizes and transferred?

Calculating the income of FI which is done through construction utilize and transferred in Iran through surveying to legal note books and after deduction of acceptable expenses , 25 percent fixed rate would be applied ( Article 106 and 105 of law tax of Iran )

80 – How the tax of salary of foreign experts is calculated?

The rate of tax of income of people including Iranian and foreign is from 15 to 35 percent of their tax included incomes, concerning the class of income they belong to (Article 131 of tax law of Iran)

81 – What is the tax rate of transferring the shares of companies on bourse?

From  each transfer of the share of companies on bourse, about %0.5 value added for selling share will be paid as tax.

82 – How much is the amount of tax of transferring the share of other companies?

From each transfer of the shares of companies about 4 percent will be paid as tax (No 2 Article 143 of tax law)

83 – What is the amount of customs offices?

Customs expenses, tax, the amount for register of goods, all gathered expenses for importing goods and are 4 percent tax , which are added to the total amount . All of these payments and commercial interests, which on the bases of approvals of the board of ministers, are allocated are called import fees ( the bill of gathering expenses are being surveyed in the parliament )


6-2-7) Promotions tax and customs omission (exemption)

84 – What do we mean by tax omission and which cases it contains?

We mean by tax omission, the tax which we have paid to the income resulted from activities on industry, mine and production. In Iran companies should pay tax to the interests of the shares which are considered as tax of real entities which is deducted on the source and is paid to the local tax organization. (Article 132 of direct tax law (DTL)

85 – What are the tax omissions and on which conditions are applied?

A) Tax omission for industry, mine and productions

 -The income containing declared profit tax, gained from production and mine activities on corporation and private sectors from the production or extraction time, for 4 year they will not pay tax (Article 132 DTL)

-That part of declared profit gained from corporation and private companies which are used for renewing expanding, constructing new factories or existing factories. 50 percent of their tax will be omitted (Article 138 DTL)

B) Tax omission on agricultural sector

the income gained from this sectors such as agriculture , live stock , fish farming , bee breading , fishing , renewing jungles , gardens trees , and so on are free from paying tax for ever without time limitation . (Article 81 DTL)

C)  Tax exemption on Tourism.

All the Iran and world touring centers which license holders from the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance every year 50 percent of their tax will be omitted (Note 3 Article 132)

86 – Are there conditions for enjoying omission of tax?

Yes, Tax exemption is possible for industry and mine sectors when those units located 120 Km away from Tehran and 50 Km away from Esfahan and 30 Km away from the center of provinces, and cities which have more than 300,000 populations (Industrial Zones which locate within 30 Km of center of provinces and mentioned cities are exceptions) (Note 2 Article 132 DTL)

87 – Does locating units on poor areas will extant the time of tax omission?

Yes, 100 Percent of income of the factories which established on poor areas will be free from tax (Article 132 DTL)

88 – Is it clear that which areas are considered poor areas?

On the beginning of each economical development program, a list of poor areas are prepared by the organization of management and planning, and ministries of financial and economical affairs and industry and mine and are approved by the board of ministers . (Note 2 Article 132 DTL)

89 – Regarding the tax omission, is there a difference between special economical zone and other Maine lands?

Regarding the tax omission, there is no difference between special economical zone and other main lands in fact tax rule on both areas are the same.


90 – Is the income gained from export free from tax?

Yes, 100 percent of income resulted from exports of finished goods, which are industrial agricultural, and processed, and also 50 percent of incomes gained from export of non – oil products are free from tax (Article 141 DTL)

91 – How is tax exemption of goods transited?

100 percent of income gained from exporting of different goods which pass through Iran, without changing it or doing anything of them, their tax will be exempted (clause B Article 141 DTL)

92 – Do companies which are accepted on bourse beside exemptions which is allocated to industrial and mine, agriculture and tourism will enjoy other tax exemptions also?

All companies which are accepted on bourse, if they transfer their share on bourse about 10 percent of their tax would be omitted (Article 143 DTL)

93 – Do machineries and equipments which are imported for production activities enjoy customs duties exemption?

On the bases of ongoing rules production machineries, with the recognition of related ministry, will not pay any customs duties but for equipments and row material they should pay customs duties, but changes on customs exposes will be announced after approval of expense gathering bill.

94 – Is it possible to transit in, raw material for production purpose and then export it as final product, with customs duties exemption?

Yes, to the cases that raw material transited to the country and used to produce, customs duty exemption will be applied to it, and if in any case it has been taken first then it would be returned after the export of the good

95 – The second hand machineries and equipment which enters to the countries, in what price will be calculated in customs office?

All the goods which imported to the country would be calculated on the brand new price, and only machineries and equipments which are imported for production line would be calculated in its real price (Second hand) .

6-2-8) Facilities for entering and staying in Iran

96 – What facilities the organization of investment and technical and economical affairs will apply for the entrances of experts and goods?

The organization will introduce the f. investors and their relatives to the foreign affair , either short time long time and many times entrance up to 3 years ( with the 3 months entrance for 3 years and extending till one year ) foreign investors with Iranian companies can send the specification of the applicant and explain why he / she should be in Iran , ask for visa that is necessary to say that does not mean that for getting visa we must enter from this organization only , but everyone can refer to the Iran’s embassies all around the world and apply for visa .

97 – Is there facilities for staying in Iran or issuing employment license?

In case of necessity the investment organization will offer helps on this field to the f. investors.

6-2-9 ) miscellaneous

98 – With which countries Iran has signed an agreement for not getting extra tax and the time being is applicable?

Iran from the early time of before revolution on 1964 signed agreement for not getting extra tax with two countries of French and Germany and after revolution Iran signed agreement with 19 countries, which the last steps of approving them are being taken.

99 – With which countries Iran has signed agreement for supporting bilateral investment with 40 countries, and the process of final approving it is taking place.

100 – Has Iran signed unilateral agreement of FI protection?

Yes, Islamic republic of Iran has joined to the organization of Islamic conference for F.I. protection and is planning to sign some multilateral agreements with the countries which are members of economical co operations organizations.

101 – Has Iran accepted to be member of multilateral agency of securing investment?

The membership of Iran an multilateral agency of securing investment has been approved and goes on the last steps of it is being surveyed in Islamic parliament. But the rights of investors are covered in front of non – trade  dangers through the PPFIL and also bilateral and unilateral agreement and support of investment is a must.

102 – A potential f. investor should be aware of which laws?

The PPFIL and its regulations, which support the investors it is suggested to study the following laws too :

-           The trade law the part related to share holding CA

-           Export and import laws


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